Sunday, 28 February 2016


It's up! We hung the show at Harbour Lights today. More pictures to come. Opening on Tuesday evening from 7 to 9pm. Join us for a glass of wine and meet the artists.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Evening life drawing

When the Hamble life drawing class folded, I was really disappointed. I found a fairly local evening class to attend in the interim but unfortunatley it's on a Tuesday evening so clashes with Cowprint and the Harbour Lights opening of Imprint2. I've missed a few sessions therefore.

The course is run very differntly to the Hamble sessions and indeed most of the life drawing I've done in the past. It's much more focused on teaching basic drawing skills so the tutor has us do various exercises. I try to go with it but much prefer to just do my own thing. Yours, Wayward of Southampton.

Life drawing again!

Had a great day last Saturday; a full day of life drawing and painting at the Art Gallery with Brian, the tutor from the Hamble classes. It was a really good session - good to paint again having not done so since before Christmas. This painting is just a sketch really, done in about an hour in a half. Must try to get ore of the background in next time.
20 minute pose

20 minute pose

Thursday, 11 February 2016

'As flies to wanton boys': The Rise of the Precariat

Finished and a couple of the edition pulled ready for Imprint2 at Harbour Lights later this month.

Usually I have the next image brewing before finishing whatever I'm working on, but nothing doing at the moment...