Sunday, 28 October 2012

I am doing some artwork, honest!


This is a little aside I've been working on before wading into the next Captain PB image. It's based on a Korean roof tile in the form of a dragon. These are used to frighten off evil spirits and are often placed over water pipes.

A restoration project

In the general garden tidy up this summer, I decided our rather elderly garden bench was in need of some TLC. Belonging to my father's grandmother, it must be at least eighty years old and was showing its age somewhat. It used to get regular paintings but has been neglected over the last few years, so a good sand down and new coat of paint was much needed to preserve the dear old thing. I doubt it'll last another eighty years but it should give us a few years yet. Unless our new arrivals have other ideas... More on that next time.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Summer in the garden

Dear me, it’s been a long old time since I last posted. I’ve not been idle though, just channelling my creativity in other directions, mostly the garden. It’s a mature garden that quietly gets on with it by itself but it does need some encouragement to keep itself tidy and I’m afraid it’s rather been left to its own devices the last couple of years with minimal input from me. Many hours were needed this year to get the weeds under control, which like everything else in the garden, had exploded due to all the rain and mild temperatures we’ve had this year. I don’t actually mind weeding… I find it quite relaxing. Needless to say, it’s all done by hand; no chemicals in my garden thanks.

So, borders weeded and tidied, plants moved, new plants planted, some fruit and veg put in and our old garden seat sanded down and repainted. And I’m already planning for spring; 195 bulbs planted this week. I do love to watch things grow!