Saturday, 26 November 2016

Etching again!

Having decided, in August, to hang up my printmaker's apron to concentrate on painting for the foreseeable, I made an etching this week! 

Looking through my drawings from recent life sessions, there were a couple that looked like they might work well as soft ground etchings. 

The above is just two states; the first on soft ground drawn through tissue paper and the second, contrast strengthened with a hard ground line etch. The etching solution was practically dead so although the first state on soft ground was in the bath for nearly an hour and a half, it came out fairly light. I mixed up a new batch straightaway though so hopefully the next one will be stronger - and quicker!

I was going to tinker further with the image but actually, I decided I quite like the spareness of it and printed up a few in a warm dark brown. 

It was so good to be etching again. Hang up my printmaker's apron? Who was I kidding! I am powerless to resist the lure of ink on metal.

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