Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Painter, Painter: Dan Perfect, Fiona Rae

Fiona Rae ~ Memory, origin, space

Southampton city Art Gallery has a whole heap of exhibitions going on at the moment. As well as the London Group, there is an exhibition of paintings by Dan Perfect and Fiona Rae. Both these painters (who are married incidentally) make large, colourful abstracts. The line, colour, shape and texture of Perfect's remind me of street art. Perfect says that his paintings are an 'imagined interior of psychological landscapes' and 're-imagined experiences', and that 'they seem quite urban and technological, and there's a strong sense of science fiction in them'. 

Dan Perfect ~ Deerdog
Rae's paintings also have a popular culture feel about them... they remind me of album covers and the sort of stuff you see in Hi-Fructose Magazine. I quite like the way the paint is applied in places but the weird teddy bears all over the place - what's that about?

I can't say I like the paintings of these two artists; I just don't get them at all. I probably need to read up on their work and try and understand it a bit better. Fiona Rae is an RA and Professor of painting at the Royal Academy Schools after all.

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