Tuesday, 29 April 2014

PB4 update

I've just realised that I've not blogged about PB4 lately. This is partly because I've been working on other projects and partly because I'm stuck again. Quite a lot has happened to the image but I can't seem to resolve it at the moment.

Following the disaster of the solar plate which, when printed with the etching plate gave me this misregistered monstrosity, and had lost all the diagramatic elements, I decided to add those to the etching plate (see above). I think it works quite well - but took a long time to do which was the point of the solar plate. Sigh... I tried printing over the solar plate with white etching ink but as you can see, too pale.

So. Next step, leave the diagramatic elements uninked and roll relief blue over the the etching plate. Better, but I still don't have some of the text from the original drawing. This is where I'm stuck.

I'm wondering if I can ink up selected areas of the solar plate... This needs time to experiment with, something I don't have an awful lot of right now.

It will happen though. Eventually.

1 comment:

  1. The skull and crossbones / palettes are amazing.

    - Caspar