Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Influences 4 - Stuart Pearson Wright

Gallus gallus with Still Life and Presidents ~ oil on linen, 2000/01

There's so much to say about this guy's work I don't know where to start. He's been on my radar for some time but just lately I've been looking at a lot of his paintings and reading interviews and articles about him. I wouldn't say he's influenced my work to date but I'm really interested in some of his ideas and methods (and in awe of his talent generally), so who knows, his influence may creep in yet.

Weltschmerz ~ oil on linen, 2013

My head is whirling a bit; he's quite intellectual in his approach and draws heavily on the work of the Renaissance painters (medium, technique, perspective, that viewpoint somewhere slightly above the sitter, etc). But this just covers his painted portraits. I guess these are for what he's best known but his work is actually a lot more diverse than that; he also works in photography, video and makes sculptures, drawings, etchings and monoprints. I think I need to process.

Domestic Scene ~ oil on linen, 2002

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