Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Influences 3 - Marcelle Hanselaar

Self-portrait of Yesterday ~ oil on canvas, 2012

I first came across Marcelle Hanselaar's work some years ago in an article in Printmaking Today (I'll find the issue number and post it for anyone who wants to track it down) and saw some of her etchings at Originals shortly afterwards (or was it the RE Summer show...). I'd been quite captivated by the tiny reproductons but seeing the actual etchings was a very different experience; the powerful rawness, was quite stunning. I spent some time in front of them and found it quite hard to tear myself away.

Le Petit Mort 10: Notes From an Incomplete Journey ~ etching and aquating, 2005

Stormwarning ~ etching and aquatint

She is in the same camp as Paula Rego for me; dark, violent narratives in which people (quite often she herself) and strange creatures coexist in nightmarish scenarios. Dogs seem to figure frequently in a rather Jungian Shadow-type way. Bizarre, macabre and faintly comical.

Open Sesame ~ etching and aquatint

Le Petit Mort 6: Notes from an Incomplete Journey ~ etching and aquatint, 2005

Etching and aquatint

In this short film, Hanselaar talks about her relationship with the medium, in particular oil paint. She talks about the intimacy which develops over time (she says it took twenty years for her to really get the measure of it) and one gets the sense that it would be impossible to separate her from her art and vice versa. The interviewer asks 'Who is Marcelle Hanselaar?' She replies, 'I have have no answer to that but I paint about that.'

Marcelle Hanselaar - Postcard From The Edge from Beats Shots on Vimeo.

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