Thursday, 13 March 2014

Influences 2 - Grayson Perry

Composition in my own work has changed over the years to become less… static? I don’t quite know what words to use here. My images have become a mix of elements, some portraiture, some narrative, some diagrammatic, with text thrown in for good measure; all jumbled up then fitted together like a jigsaw. I suppose I’ve always done this a bit but that way of working has gradually taken over. It may be partly due to moving from card cuts, where the image has to be complete before varnishing, to etching where the image can evolve over time. Elements can be added or taken away and this gives great flexibility to the creative process. 

I think it’s this that inspires me about Grayson Perry’s work. Rich, dark, satirical; his images evolve as he works on his pots or tapestries, almost like subconscious doodlings. I love his style of drawing and the macabre humour he often displays. His pots are always a surprise; beautiful in shape and colour schemes which, on closer inspection, reveal worlds of the grotesque and wryly comic. I guess I am also drawn to his pots for the craft aspect - there’s a lot of process and technique required in the same way that there is with etching. Steps, stages, states, layers. And the guy is such a dude. What’s not to like.

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