Monday, 24 February 2014

Learning from mistakes

It may sound obvious but don't stick acetate to acetate with glue.

Things wot I have learned about solar plate.
1. If you're making a multi-plate print, make your acetate template from a proof, not your original drawing.
2. If your acetate template doesn't match up with your etching plate, don't just cut it up and rearrange it onto another piece of acetate.
3. If you must do the above, don't stick the pieces together with glue.
4. Don't try to block out areas with a marker pen - the light goes straight through.
5. Do get something soft to put your plate on and a thick, heavy piece of glass so that you get 100% contact.

Think I made every mistake it's possible to make with this plate. Not tried printing it yet as it's still hardening. Bit afraid to ink it up really but at £12 a throw, I'm determined to use it in some way. The image may not end up as I first planned it, but hey, that's the beauty of printmaking. Keeping everything crossed that serendipity will strike, not disaster...

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