Friday, 27 December 2013

A year in Cowprint

It’s inevitable, I suppose, that at this time of year, one is drawn to reflect on the year coming to a close. That post-Christmas / pre-New Year week, where everything is so out of the usual routine, is an ideal time to review the events of the previous year and plan for the next.

Cowprint isn’t yet two (we celebrate the group’s second birthday in February) but 2013 has been a great year. We had our first exhibition, Imprint, at the d.@rt Centre in May and high on its success, embarked straightaway on producing the Cowprint 2014 calendar. Lovely prints together with Irene’s stylish layout produced a really professional and marketable object which has sold really well (still a few left if anyone wants one!). It also forced us to choose a name for the group, something we’d been finding somewhat difficult (Cowprint comes from Cattle Market by the way, the building which is now home to Red Hot Press).


At the end of November, Red Hot Press held its annual Christmas event, Printer Wonderland. We were able to display the original calendar prints together and of course, the calendars were on sale along with the prints, framed and unframed. And just a week later, the group had its own stall at the d.@rt Centre Christmas Fayre selling prints, calendars, cards, handmade books, gift tags, paper lanterns and Christmas decorations. We were able to spread to two tables which were crammed with an abundance of lovely papery things.

So, Cowprint, which started as a group of artists meeting to share their work and ideas, has evolved this year. Of course, sharing our work is still at the heart of what we do, but now, we have the added motivation of group projects and small commercial ventures. Our next collaboration and first of 2014 is already decided so here’s hoping it will be as enjoyable and successful a year as 2013.

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