Friday, 29 November 2013


I keep thinking that this frenetic pace of life must surely slow down at some point; get such-and-such thing out of the way and it should go quiet for a bit. Who am I trying to kid. Something unexpected always crops up to throw my schedule off. This month it's been an overflowing water tank... from the loft through two sets of ceilings and three carpets. Damaged ceilings, damaged walls, sodden carpets... fun. I haven't had a chance to do anything about it yet though, apart from drying everything out of course, because the Aged Parent injured her leg severely shortly after that so after an entire weekend at Accident and Emergency (by way of a flat tyre and a new hearing aid chewed up by the cat), we've been shuttling back and forth to the surgery every few days to have the wound dressed. Now it has become infected so we have antibiotics, more frequent trips to the surgery, INR blood tests and me doing my best waitressing as the Aged P has to keep her leg up as much as possible. 

Despite that, I have mostly managed to get to work, sell Cowprint calendars and fit in a little bit of artwork. The chicken murderer has moved on a little. I made the solar plate but it didn't go terribly well so I've had to cut bits out of it to get it to print better. Also, my etching solution is very much spent so the last bite didn't work out too well. Tasks for this weekend, other factors allowing, are to print the solar plate to see how it's doing and whether it needs more work, mix a new batch of copper sulphate solution and do some more work on the fox himself. He doesn't have enough tonal contrast at the moment so some burnishing back and further etching are needed. Here's hoping nothing else crops up...

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