Saturday, 14 September 2013

Studio update

Dear me it's been a busy old summer. I've had work in three exhibitions, finished my 20:20 edition, Cowprint calendar print, Go Pig! pig and started on a new image. And in between making cups of coffee for visitors at Wool House and erecting gazebos in the rain for the Red Hot Press Wayzgoose, I've also had the house rewired courtesy of the amiable Simon.

As quiet, tidy and efficient as the aforementioned was, it was three weeks of disruption; much moving of furniture and general 'stuff' from one room to another until there was nowhere left to move it, here in the House of a Thousand Extension Leads. We are more or less done now though, and a good job it is too; well overdue so a massive weight off my mind. Thank you Simon.

I also took the opportunity to have the studio rewired and extra lighting and sockets put in. With a little bit more painting of the walls done, it's really beginning to look like a proper studio. I have much more space to work in now too; major work on property always affords a good opportunity to have a clear out and pass on unwanted items to those who can make use of them. I still had a lot of my dad's machinery and power tools from when he built his aircraft so these now have a new home at the Gosport Men's Shed, newly-founded by Martin Corrick of The Navigation Log fame.

So, with the studio sorted, the calendar image done and almost ready to print, I have no excuse not to get on with making new work and hopefully increase my output a bit. First of all, I think a bit of a sit down is needed...


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