Monday, 9 September 2013

One out, three in

spellbound exhib 
We took down Double Exposure at Wool House last week and submitted for Spellbound... and so all three pirate babies toddled onto the walls of the 14th Century wool store; the first time they've all hung together. Although it may not be obvious, they fit quite well with the brief - 'dreams, stories and imaginings that connect us to the wider world'. As I've bearded on about in previous posts, these are stories of an imagined journey combined with some autobiographical stuff. The third image, 'Then strange ground now', is about the homesickness I felt when we returned 'home' to the UK in the 70s. Southampton was home to my parents who had emigrated to Canada in 1953. To me, home was Seattle, Washington where I'd spent the first five or so years of my life. Being dragged from there, where it was always sunny; where there was plenty of space and the colours were vivid, to this other 'home', where little brick houses squeezed shoulder to shoulder, stretching up into the cluttered sky and grey people puttered along narrow, wiggly roads in tiny cars; where it rained constantly... I can still feel that lump in my stomach now, just remembering the journey from the airport. 

Of course, those feelings didn't last too long and although never forgotten, the life in Seattle was carefully stored away in the memory banks of past experience. I do find it odd though, how easily and how strongly I can still feel that particular experience. Indelible; etched on my psyche.

height over flat water, high suspended nothing, then strange ground now, looming, towers tight close-huddling, colour-losing grey damp, dull heartsick ache...

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