Sunday, 4 August 2013

Double Exposure

Creative opportunities are coming thick and fast at the moment. Friday night, we had the private view of Double Exposure, an exhibition of original prints by Red Hot Press members, and a whole range of work, from painting, drawing and sculpture to digital installations by the artists at unit11studios.

The exhibition is housed at the recently reopened Wool House, a 14th Century building here in Southampton that used to house the city's maritime museum. That was its last use anyway; as the name suggests, it was originally build to store wool for export to the continent. It's a wonderful place - a stone structure with a beautiful wooden-beamed vaulted ceiling. The building has been closed for the last year or so as the artefacts have been transferred to the new SeaCity Museum (once the magistrates court).

The Wool House Project has been set up by Element Arts, a group of local creative who are passionate about the arts and really committed to doing what they can to promote it in the city. As with all the small arts organisations in Southampton, they have no money and are staffed by dedicated volunteers who give of their time generously. Element Arts, Red Hot Press, A Space, the Art House to name just four; without these, Southampton would revert to the near cultural dessert it was ten, fifteen years ago. What a privilege it is to be involved in this burgeoning creative scene.

Double Exposure is on until 2 September 2013.

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