Saturday, 10 August 2013

And so, on to the next project. The artists' group (we now have a name - more on that later) is producing a calendar for 2014; we each drew a month at random and will make a print relevant to that month. I drew December. No Christmas references from me - I'm basing mine on the Roman festival of Saturnalia which ran from 17 to 24 December. I guess in many ways it was like a precursor to how we celebrate Christmas now as they did many of the things we do - feasting, gift-giving, decorating their houses with greenery. However the Roman festival was based around the worship of Saturn, god of agriculture, harvest and abundance.  One of the central elements was role reversal; masters dressed as slaves and waited on their servants, and gambling, usually illegal was allowed at this time.

More on this as the project progresses.

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