Monday, 20 May 2013

ImPrint: it’s up!

 Yes indeed, the work is hung, the official opening had, the wine drunk and even a few prints and cards sold. The show comprises a diverse range of work by ten members of the Red Hot Press Artists’ Group and one of the studio directors: linocuts, card cuts, wood engravings, wood cuts, collagraphs, mono prints, gum transfer prints, drypoint, etchings and aquatints. All print life is here – well, most of it anyway. Certainly we covered most of what Red Hot Press is able to offer facilities for, the one exception being screen printing.

As a group, we’ve only been meeting just over a year, so it was an ideal opportunity to celebrate what we’ve been working on over that time; and having a deadline to work towards is always a good motivator. It was great to see the end products of projects we’d watched develop over the last few months, all of which were of a very high standard. A thoroughly satisfying first outing for the Artists’ Group.

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