Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bookbinding weekend

What a splendid weekend I’ve just had learning how to make books at Red Hot Press. Over the course of the two days, we learnt how to make three and five-hole pamphlet books, double signature pamphlet books and a variety of concertina books. The really groovy one pictured below is actually much easier to make than it looks.

We also made Japanese stab bound books which are simple enough to build but complicated to stitch together (well, I found them so anyway; my hemp leaf stitch went somewhat awry). This technique can be used to make simple photo albums for example – at some point I would like to compile a book of small prints using this method.

Today we made hard cover books; a five-holed pamphlet book with a hard cover and a 64-page A6 book where the four signatures were sown together with unsupported link stitch – real bookbinding. We even glued the spine with mull and everything. Mine were less than perfect, but oh how satisfying to make. And how much nicer to sketch and write in a book you’ve made yourself. You’ll have to excuse me now as I’m off to drool over bookbinding supplies as Shepherd’s

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