Sunday, 27 November 2011

I may need new glasses

Having made a start on a wood engraving, I am reminded of how fiendishly difficult and slow-going it is. I’m struggling to see what I’m doing too. After working on the block for an hour this afternoon, I scanned it and blew the image up large on my computer screen – what a mess! Shudder to think what’s going to come out when I finally get to the proofing stage. I’m beginning to regret adding the text – really fiddly. This is a maple block, 75 x 50 mm (approximately 3 x 2 inches).


  1. I really like this - not what I was expecting at all. Much more in one's face.

  2. Different way of working. Tiny block and with my lack of skill, can't do anything too intricate. Actually, it is pretty intricate for me to engrave. A proper wood engraver wouldn't have any difficulty though.