Tuesday, 16 June 2009

An etching press of my own

15 June 2009 was a great day for me – my etching press arrived! I still can’t quite believe it. It was delivered in the most enormous crate and I wondered if I had been sent the wrong thing; or I’d got my calculations wrong. But thankfully no, it was just exceptionally well packed for its journey from York. What a thing of beauty…

With the help of a couple of friends (thank you Gareth and Georgia) it was lifted onto the bench and, after trimming the blankets and putting in the bed, I was printing! Works like a dream; I pulled a perfect cardcut and an etching first go.

This morning I mixed up my first batch of copper sulphate solution and etched a plate – another first for Project Atelier. Put the plate through the press and the Undertaker’s sisters-in-law were born. I have my own etching press. I am very happy.


  1. YAY

    PS This is me, Caspar

  2. lucky you to have your own press!! i can ahnd rpess inmy studio but have to find a press to sue when i need a big one. friday, i am going to a new friend;'s who has a big ress. hope it works out that i can do my work there whennecessary. she rents out studio time to supplement income. do you? where are you located? i am in the philadelphia area.

  3. i also have a blog called the ART of travel at www.lindadubingarfield.blogspot.com