Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Project Atelier update

Phase One continues.

More found objects: an old 1950s movie projector and film splicing thing. A feather eiderdown. And a wok. A snooker cue, a sail maker's palm, two cans of spray adhesive, fishing weights. A china doll, a Benares brass top table legs, a big bag of flox. A case full of early twentieth and late nineteenth century sheet music. A coat stand, an album of photographs of my mother from 1947, cards congratulating my parents on their engagement.

In the loft: An old box brownie, an early 35mm camera, two bowler hats. Another movie projector, a slide projector, model planes, a five foot tall wooden standard lamp carved in the shape of a lion. A wedding dress, corsets, pictures, a silver tankard, a tea service, old books...

Photos: exterior shots of Project Atelier

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