Saturday, 11 April 2009

Mmm, that was indeed a good Friday.
Solitude at RHP; just me, my etching and a few sea gulls.
And a spot of rain of course – wouldn’t be an Easter bank holiday without it – but it’s warm and dry in there. And above all silent. It seems odd to me that one can get to a stage in one’s life where one craves silence… but there it is.

Normally I do a lot of preparation at home for a day at the workshop, but life is so crazy at the moment that I just hadn’t had time. I wanted to finish a plate I last worked on in October (the fourth image in The Red Scar series), but when I looked at the last proof I pulled, I just had no idea where to go. Depressing. In wood engraving mode only perhaps…

ANYWAY. Once I got to the workshop and started working on the plate, everything fell into place, tcp. The plate’s not finished and I didn’t achieve an awful lot print-wise, but I had time, space and quiet for a good old think.

I had originally envisaged Project Atelier as a space to work on wood engravings; I’d be able to have all my tools and equipment in there (freeing up space indoors – I might actually be able to see some carpet here and there) and I’d could then leave everything set up. Away with spending hours getting everything out and putting it all away again afterwards – bliss! This is all good, but yesterday reminded me where my heart really lies – etching. That’s my thing. As much as I love wood engraving, it just doesn’t suit my work and processes like etching does. So, Project Atelier is gearing up a notch…

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