Thursday, 23 April 2009

From the Atelier

How wonderful it is, after a long day of number crunching and caring responsibilities, to be able to retire to the studio for an hour or two. It’s so peaceful in there; one can almost forget the city goes about its business just outside. The birdsong seems to be louder and clearer, smothering the drone of the traffic.

In the last few months, I’ve really come to cherish silence. Well, not silence exactly, but quiet. The absence of human voices. Odd really, considering it’s been a number of years since I’ve been able to go to sleep without the radio on. Plays, books, poetry; I think it may relate to the love of being read to I developed as a child.

Anyway, several major life changes over the last year or so seem to have triggered changes in me. Inevitable I suppose.

But back to the art, which is what this blog is supposed to be about. I’m revisiting the cockle but as an etching instead of a wood engraving. ‘Wimp!’ I hear you cry…

My wordless studio companion Lilly.


  1. ....thought I would check out your blog and here I am . Lilly looks lovely - I have 2 furry friends - they don't really hang out in my studio though they wonder in occasionally just for the thrill of being let out the side door.
    I just did one print today - that's the brilliant thing with having your own studio/press ( mine just does small works ie about A3 plus size)

    Congratulations on having set up your own studio !!
    By the way did you know that Lascaux acrylic hard ground dries really quickly must be about 20 minutes and can be used for sealing collagraphs. Handy for teaching short courses - thats mainly why I thought I would mention it.

    bye for now


  2. Thanks for the comments Aine - it's great having my own studio and my press should be delivered on Monday so I'll be all set to etch. It's quite a small one like yours so I'll probably use it mainly for proofing but will have more time to experiments with other techniques as well.

    Thanks for the Lascaux tip - I'll give it a try.