Sunday, 1 March 2009

Wood engraving
What's that all about?
I'm an intaglio printmaker by default; etching, drypoint and cardcuts. Personal circumstances, those annoying things that get in the way of one doing what one really wants to do, have all but wrenched the etching needle out of my inky hand and taken away the copper sulphate bath.

After a period of vowing never to print again, here I am, spitsticker in hand, discovering the wonders of end grain boxwood, lemon, pear and maple. Mostly maple because I'm not rich or very good. However, I am hopelessly hooked.


  1. Dear me, this commenting business is complicated.

    > end grain boxwood, lemon, pear and maple

    They sound exotic - does each smell different? Feel different?

  2. They certainly look different - almost too lovely to work on. They're polished incredibly smoothly which brings up the grain beautifully.

    I think maple feels slightly different - a little rougher. Haven't tried smelling them actually. But now I'm going to have to...